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Kenneth Krause
Me: I ate a cupcake
Kenneth Krause: you're fat, i'm a douche bag
by nooneyoullfindout October 05, 2012
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Any individual who makes other people feel absolutely terrible for fun. For example, someone who asks another person's mark just to tell them their own mark, which will be far higher.
"Hey _____, what did you get on that test? 54%? Cool, I got a 93% which is o.k. I guess." - A real douche bag.
by Braeden Joiner February 06, 2008
6 6
someone who is completely thick as crap and has no meaning to life
tony blair!!WHAT A DOUCHE BAG
by keir dickson April 01, 2007
9 9
a certian individual that lacks key social skills and at times can sound mentally retarted. ussually finds his/her jokes much funnier then anybody else and will laugh loudly at them. has a false sense of himself/herself and will often think they were once much cooler then there are now. not very good at anything but still finds a way to enjoy himself/herself. similiar to a douche, loser, bitch.
did you see what john did today?!
yea, hes just a douche bag.
by fjkajfkajfkkjafd March 31, 2007
8 8
A person who has little intelligence and who constantly gets on people's nerves of no apparent reason. Typically cares about no one else and is overly confident. Downplays and ridicules others that are superior to himself/herself.
Karen is such a douchebag. She thinks and acts like she's better than Joanthan even though in real life, Jonathan is better and smarter than Karen.
by J to the O Jonathan January 31, 2007
25 25
a human parasite; a socieital leech. one of has zero value added to the group.
Aquaman is a douche bag.
by Splatulis Splatchulli May 02, 2006
15 15
A douche bag, a word to describe someone stupid, dumb, etc...
Also used to describe a fake or a phoney, i.e: John Edwards --> South Park

John Edwards:I'm not a fake or phoney and definitly not a douche bag!!
Stan Marsh:You are a fake, you are a phoney, and you are the biggest douche ever.
by ~paranoid~ January 01, 2006
18 18
a pussy cleaner, plain and simple...
u can tell she hasnt used a douche bag lately...
by jakeinhott39 August 05, 2005
23 23