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a person who packs douches.
stfu you douche packer, or im gunna punch you in the weiner
by K-Riggyy May 11, 2008
1) A lesbian that uses a strap on all the time, because she has penis envy.

2) The equivalent of a fudgepacker, only female.
Becky: "Me and Maria had such a hot time last night."
Jenny: "Oh my god! We didn't. That douchepacker tore me up and had me bleeding for 3 days. She needs real help."
by phreakdb January 23, 2008
The word created by the ever so loved Courtney Babcock PURELY for Joshua Douglass (:
Josh is a complete douche packer in his scarf and booties.
by Courtneybbygirl1214 March 08, 2010
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