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Excessive indulgence in being a douche.
Come on man, stop this douchbauchery already, you've been being a dick all damn night.
by HoboMiracleMan1 August 07, 2009
the ability of a douchbag salesman to come in on a rude note with a phone to the ear, then not only raid but line his pockets up with free mints at the expense of the company from which they are trying to gain business.
The salesman was duly noted for his douchbauchery.
by Eulaannaroachconwellberg June 05, 2013
Basically the same meaning as debauchery, but mainly involving sex, drugs, or alcohol. Usually to feel cool or rebellious.
Hey bro you wanna come over after school and smoke some weed?

No no, I find no interest in such douchbauchery. I don't need to be stupid to feel smart.
by Aussie Candler August 07, 2012
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