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A female that obviously thinks she is hot, but in reality has both a butterface and a butterbody. Used alone or as a compound word, ie: doublebutter babe, doublebutter chick, etc.
Did you see that chick? She thinks she is hot, but she is a doublebutter babe.

She is so doublebutter!
by JTS Brown June 03, 2006
A girl with a BUTter face BUT I'd F*ck her.

Also see definition of Butter Face
Derek: DAmn look at the girls face it's busted but the body is fine.

TJ: I'd call it a butterface.

Derek: Know I'd call it a doublebutter. I'd still hit it.
by Derek T November 07, 2006
if you go to a place that gives you packets of butter with a take out meal and they give you 2 packets of butter for 1 roll it means someone has at least spit in your food.
Don't worry about that rotten customer, I gave him the double butter.
by Billistic January 09, 2005

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