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Gimme dat double tap!
by koreansensation May 09, 2015
A) Having sex with someone, heading out, and then coming back within hours of leaving. This usually involves significant others or friends with benefits, but for greater effect, strangers.
Person A: Hey, I just got back from the gym.
Person B: You're such a liar, you stink of sex and rubber.
Person A: Haha, how'd you know? :phone call: Well, hey I have to jet.
Person B: You going to double tap tonight aren't you?
by -synthetik- September 10, 2010
Tapping someone's shoulder twice in order to challenge someone to a dance off in a club.
Germaine was throwing down moves at this club when some guy double-tapped him and challenged him to a dance off.
by ECWriter August 29, 2010
When on bottom, the man vibrates instead of thrusting his hips. Vibrations occur as fast as a paintball gun when double tapping the trigger.
Emily thanked Jake for teaching Nick how to double tap.
by Troppyboy September 13, 2014
The act of a male ejaculating twice in a row.
That booty was so fine, bitch made me double tap
by BeezusGreek October 28, 2013
When a guy is doing a chick and a 3rd person helps him thrust by pushing his ass from behind. Sometimes a towel is used.

Often accompanied by trash talk such as "You're wild baby" and "You want me all the way in?"
Tony knew Julia had a dirty rotten stinkhole, but he didn't know that she liked Double Taps.
by Mr. Teabag 2 January 26, 2008
High-fiving twice in rapid succession while proclaiming "Double-Tap." An incorrectly performed double-tap needs to be performed correctly before exclaiming "double-tap."
You just took that double-shot of whiskey without flinching. *Double-tap!*
by DanleyBitches May 29, 2011

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