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The highest degree of impossibility in the universe. Represented by the well-established physics equation 2(infinite/infinite) = GMm/R^2. This blatant disregard for the laws of gravity can be seen in several well-known video game titles. It is widely speculated that performing this move will send our universe into chaos. Up will become southeast, black will become orange -red (but not red-orange!), and unicorns and leprechans will escape from Narnia and spew forth from where the jump was committed. Existance as we know it will end as a orange-red hole (there's no black) will emerge and destroy Earth, the offender, everything, and even the universe. Nice job Mario.
He double jumped his way out of existance. Stupid bastard.
by StutteringStan September 28, 2006
Quietly sneaking out a fart while people are smelling the stink bomb someone else just dropped.
The guy next to you in an elevator farts and everyone knows he did it. Right then you let out a silent but deadly one that makes everyone think that they are still smelling the first guys fart and that it just got a lot worse but really you just DoubleJumped him!
by Dave Pfau August 17, 2007
a l33t counter strike player who pwns ppl in the face
double jump got a headshot on ass clown with and Mp5
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