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two women making out while one man eats both of them out
i did the double dip with those two babes
5 25
What you do when your wife's not looking.
The dip was just so creamy and delicious that Tom just had to double dip when his wife looked away.
by seth_cohen_fan September 12, 2006
9 30
You stick it in her butt then her cuch then she sucks off all the juice off your nob.
I just double diped her.
by Kraig January 13, 2005
13 36
A sexual activity involving two partners, preferably a male and a female, where the female takes a fresh shit, and does not bother to wipe. The male then proceeds to take his sweaty balls and push them into her now brown anal cavity. Extracting the shit covered nuts he plops the scrotum onto females face, rubbing it into various facial orfices. including the nose, eyes, and mouth.
oh man last night i gave my girlfriend the BEST double dip
by Q37ygh May 01, 2009
2 27