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female masturbation; tuning the piano; the dreaded finger diddle; playing the clitar
As I walk in the bedroom, to my complete surprise, my girlfriend was double clicking the mouse.
by weave March 22, 2003
knee-jerk reaction by anyone with an I.Q. under 80 when they stumble upon anything that only needs to be clicked once.
Click on the link below for this weeks church functions (just once, not twice you ignorant piece of crap)
by KCG January 26, 2004
male masturbation, Saluting the General (former US Surgeon Gen. Dr. Jocelyn Elders), Rubbing Buddhas tummy, Making a Deposit, Exercising a right to Privacy, Stretching the Truth
After a vigorous workout the middle aged lad looked forward with anticipation to some extra special quiet time double clicking the mouse
by "Thom" May 17, 2007
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