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may or may not involve two or more people, may or may not involve a wooden ship or wiffle ball bat
dude i totally double windsored that chick last night
by Double Windsor October 26, 2010
A double windsor is the single most uniform knot you can tie. It's thick and says "I'm a strong independent man/woman" from distances of up to 50 yards. The perfect finishing touch to any power suit, it says: "I'm a badass motherfucker who don't take no for an answer. Now lets talk mergers."
He/she walked into the conference room, a freshly tied double windsor around their neck, and Chuck Norris himself gave into their demands, crying like a little baby.
by Uberwomansch October 10, 2011
The act of flipping an individual or a group off with both hands.
"That ass hole cut me off so I began steering with my knees so I could give him a Double Windsor"
by Double Windsory Bastard September 06, 2012
After giving one a Cincinnati Bow Tie pinch off a large loaf half way into breathing hole, second half of loaf resembles designer neck tie
Hey Shiela did your room mate at the American Lung Society give you that lovely double windsor?
by gman2000 March 06, 2009
The application of a man wearing a dildo backwards achieving the the position of doggy style with two chicks at the same time.
I drove to Windsor Canada and picked up two strippers and fucked them both doggy style at the same time.

-at least one simultaneous ass slapping of the left check of both females at the same time completes the DOUBLE WINDSOR
by shabogan February 17, 2010
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