1. somone with botha big ass and tits

2. a pill that has the same effect as 2 of the same pill

3. a PMA pill being sold as "thick" an MDMA (exctasy) pill
1. jennifer is double stacked

2. see look its double stacked, it'll hit you better

3. to fred: lets make him really ill
fred to sally : gove him this - look double stacked
*gives punter PMA*
to punter : look its thicker
by blowjob bill June 18, 2007
Top Definition
when 1 pill has the same effect as 2 pills of the same kind of drug
is that X double stacked?
by VCO June 19, 2005
Big Tits & a Big ASS
Jennifer is double stacked!
by Michelle April 23, 2005
Getting an extra helping of meat in yours buns.
Cassidy just got "Double Stacked" in the bathroom at Wendys!
by Leebert M January 30, 2011
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