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when 1 pill has the same effect as 2 pills of the same kind of drug
is that X double stacked?
by VCO June 19, 2005
1. somone with botha big ass and tits

2. a pill that has the same effect as 2 of the same pill

3. a PMA pill being sold as "thick" an MDMA (exctasy) pill
1. jennifer is double stacked

2. see look its double stacked, it'll hit you better

3. to fred: lets make him really ill
fred to sally : gove him this - look double stacked
*gives punter PMA*
to punter : look its thicker
#pma #mdma #exctasy #double stacked #drugs
by blowjob bill June 18, 2007
Big Tits & a Big ASS
Jennifer is double stacked!
by Michelle April 23, 2005
Getting an extra helping of meat in yours buns.
Cassidy just got "Double Stacked" in the bathroom at Wendys!
#meat #buns #buggery #consentual #stacked
by Leebert M January 30, 2011
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