1) The location of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction
2) The location of Osama bin Laden
"You see, Colin, the thing about these WMDs over in Iraq is that they are located in a double secret warehouse! You see, The first secret is Saddam hiding them there, and the second secret is me lying about his single secret warehouse! Isn't my strategery neat?" said G.W.
by pizzozo October 28, 2004
Top Definition
Adjective describing the type of probation the Delta House frat was on in Animal House.
Dean Wormer: We're putting them on double-secret probation!
by RoscoPColetrane October 27, 2004
When you know that they know, but they dont know that you know.

You know?
I know he knows I'm faking it, but as long as he keeps pretending he dont know, I'm still getting me sum...
by The Tangoman October 26, 2004
double the fun and excitement of a regular secret, this secret contains not one, but a wopping TWO, thats right, TWO secrets. double for your money. better then all the rest because it packs double the kick.
Guunter: spsps whisper spsspspsp (first time).
Guunter: spsps whisper spspspspp (second time).
Jamal: Whooaoaoaoa! WHAT? TWO!!?!?! DUUUUUUUDE that was a double secret. man, your so cool.
Guunter: affirmative.
by Lava October 27, 2004
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