a double date between two homosexual couples
I went to gay day in disney world. I've never seen so many double rainbows in my life!
by bigpoppiboi July 05, 2011
When you are fishing with another person and you both hook and successfully land a largemouth, smallmouth, or spotted bass at the same time.
"Billy john and I were fishin' on the Big D the other day and we got a double rainbow on my big fish spot. I couldn't believe it--two five pounders!"
by ranger_joe November 05, 2013
A troll who lurks on websites who likes to harm people.
Wow, that DoubleRainbow kid is harrassing everyone on tengaged.com!
by smi9127 June 22, 2011
V. Sex position where the girl doesa brdige, and the guy does another bridge under her, and they fuck.
Dude, yesterday we double rainbowed in the back of my car.
by Mr. Awesome 1869 April 07, 2011
Yet another symbol for homosexuality (see nyan cat)
Double rainbow all the way across the sky!
by Zombiesatemywaffles November 29, 2011
a phenomenon that puts anyone that sees on the ROFLcopter while having an orgasm attack
Person 1: (crying) "OMG a double rainbow!!!"

Person 2: (trying to talk while LOLing) "I-is this a s-s-sign of


ROFLcopter Captain: "You betcha. Now you and your friend

hop the heck on board lmbo."
by hyundajuno9876 March 17, 2011
When someone is "supa dupa gay" they can be called a Double Rainbow. This is off the wall in you and your friends face homo.
Bro 1: Yo, check out that Double Rainbow

Bro 2. no homo
by Nugem January 11, 2011
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