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The act of covering a toilet seat with two layers of toilet paper, because some douche bag left a fucking turd on the toilet seat at work, and there's no way I'm sitting on that fucking thing with only one layer of toilet paper.
Yo, can you toss me in some more toilet paper? I'm double nesting this bitch because big kev took another shit.
by Gunslinga March 21, 2008
Hammocking with a special friend in your ENO DoubleNest Hammock. This practice is when the couple lies in the same hammock. DoubleNesting makes for a great way to spend time in nature while also spending time with your significant other. Provides plenty of opportunities to get to know them! Isn't that neat!
Dean: Which hammock should I get?

Frank: Dude, always go with the DoubleNest.

Dean: Why?

Frank: DoubleNesting.
by DoubleNester January 28, 2013
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