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A vagina with excess labia folds.

Large vag lips!

I couldn't find her clitoris due to her doublemeat!
by Ba Gong January 31, 2008
A meal, often fast food, including two servings of meat.
Luke: Yo, what'd you get at Duchess?
Mike: Double meat.
Luke: Niz.
by Stu Wanker January 22, 2007
A man who has the pleasure of two knobbers.
Like milking a cow
by 2 knobs mcraw October 21, 2003
rumination, when something is in your head for a long time and you can't get it out, obsessing
I was doublemeating all day when that girl stealing my parking space.

I doublemeated that for like two hours..
by fragglejax October 13, 2010