N. A more powerful definition of fuck, this denotes extreme displeasure or misfortune.
"I locked myself out of my car, and while trying to get in, sliced the shit out of my hand. Double fuck!"
by baronbloodbath July 25, 2008
Top Definition
Sex when two guys fuck the same chick at the same time. Generally one in the front and one in the back.
I asked her if she had ever been double fucked by 2 black studs. She didn't say anything. She just got up and left. So I'm guessing she probably hadn't.
by Spit Blood April 15, 2003
When two men shove their penises up a man's ass at the same time for sexual pleasure.
Wow, he took that double fuck up the ass and had trouble walking later that day.

That double fuck really hit the spot (on my prostate).
by unimatrix01 May 04, 2007
To get fucked in the mouth and ass/vagina at the same time by two studs.
As I filmed the double fuck movie I saw cum fly everywhere and the faint sound of "Unngh unngh harder HARDER!"
by Ham January 31, 2005
When two guys fuck the same chick in the pussy or ass or mouth at the same time. Also, when two chicks use strap-ons or other sex toys to fuck a guy in the ass or mouth at the same time.
Joe and I will double fuck her after the party.
Those chicks want to double fuck joe after.
by suite1157 February 28, 2007
A situation where there you have two options, but no matter which one you choose, you will get fucked regardless
Homie1: Yo man this girl just wrote something on my facebook wall, and we're just friends, but my gf is gonna freak if she sees it so I had to delete it

Homie2: Oh so what are you gonna do now?

Homie1: Well now my friend is prbbly gonna wonder why I deleted it, but if I don't tell her, she well be like wtf why did he delete my post? But if I do tell her, she'll still be like wtf, why is he explaining himself so much, there must be something he's hiding

Homie2: Damn homie, you're in a double fuck!
by MakeItSnow January 14, 2011
Essentially twice as bad as fuck, because its a doublefuck!

Sounds real nasty if said in the right accent, New York stylee works a treat.
"Why did you drink all my cool aid? You complete Doublefuck!!!"

"That’s nice, I wine n dine you and you still wont give out, your such a Doublefuck!!!"

"Listen Doublefuck, if i wanted a cock that small, I’d have asked Bilbo Baggins".

"You cheated on me again!!, you total Doublefuck!!!"
by Galaxian October 13, 2007
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