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more or less, mexican slang. mas o menos
Vato 1: ey, es una culo buena, eh?
Vato 2: dos tres (more or less)
by La Surena February 17, 2005
To attack someone, usually in a frat-style. A group bear hug that is not condoned by the hugged party. Also a group-beating in a friendly fashion (e.g. mercilous smack-down with pillows).

Origins of giving someone a count as to when the attack will commence ("We're giving you to three! Unos-Dos-Tres!")
Alex: "Let's DosTres the new kids."
Adam: "DosTres'ing them is a fantasic bloody idea."
Nick: (grunt like caveman).
by BungaFiyah October 22, 2012

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