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v. dorse, dorsed, dorsing

The act of tricking someone into repeating themselves, after which the prankster remarks, "dorse!"
person 1: "I thought we were going to the store"
person 2: "What?"
person 1: "I thought we were going to the store"
person 2: "Dorse!"

If person 1, anticipating that he is about to be dorsed, repeats himself but says "dorse" before person 2 can say it, that would constitute a blocked dorse.

person 1: "Do you wanna get a beer?"
person 2: "What?"
person 1: "Do you wanna get a beer, dorse?"
person 2: "Uggh"

Having a dorse blocked by someone is roughly equivalent to being dorsed, although many would say the former is far more humiliating than the latter.
by Mr. Fieber March 03, 2008
a person who has horse like features and is dumb. hence dorse.
person 1: did you pass your exams ?
person 2: no i failed

person 1: you fucking dorse !
by the corse July 21, 2009
(n)A really frikkin big dog. So frikkin big, it looks like a horse. Yeah, thats right, this is one big dog. Can you say bigggggg?? Hell, you could mount this puppy and ride him through the wild west. So big, his sneeze, would cover an entire city in snot. SOO FRIKKIN BIG, he carries his own zipcode. So biggg, the area of his his sombrero, could give shade to frenchcanadia. Sooo big that clifford the big red dog (remember that bastard?) is his bitch. So big, that when he gets hit by buses, he says "who threw that rock?". So big, that his water dish comes with a life guard. So big that his "free willy" is the size of free willy (remember that bastard?)! Listen,this is one big dorse, and dont you forget it.
1) A ding dang dorse do dah...(sing rapidly while strumming a mandolin)
2) ...He was hung like a race dorse
3)A ding dang dorse do dah...(oh wait, i said that...)
by Hobonik January 01, 2005
Across between a dog and a horse, (may or may not have spots).
After passing by, if you look out your back window of the car and it is staring at you eye level, then you know it must be a dorse.
by niccywinter April 25, 2010
a cross between a duck and a horse, mostly seen with a horse head and duck body. a mixture of duck and horse DNA
google image search "dorse"
by maiboi June 05, 2010
1. A half donkey, half horse.
On our farm we kept donkeys, horses and even cross bred them into Dorses!
by Jersey George June 20, 2006
Half donkey half horse. Not to be confused with a mule, the dorse possesses mind reading powers.
"Would ya look at the size of that dorse!"
by shredded hotdogs January 06, 2015
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