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Dorm food, food commonly found in the dorms. Is usually cheap, nasty, and lacking in all essential vitamins/protien/carbohydrates/goodness. Only edible by the standards of poverty and being a college student. Also see ramen.
Dude, the ramen cup say "to cook" and "serve" on it, who the fuck is cooking and serving dormet` cooking?

On moving in day, I saw a kid with a whole dolly full of cup o' noodles cases, talk about your dormet` cooking.

When I went to visit my cousin at Cal Poly last year, he and his roomie nav wouldn't buy cheese for pizza. They just baked a pack of tortillas and ketchup. Dormet` cooking! Nasty!

Maybe if they didn't spend so much money on their huge glass bong and porn they could afford some real munchies instead of all that dormet` cooking.
by caligirl5422 September 14, 2008
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