The name of a Bill Engvall album; originally from a dorky-looking fish from The id Software series "Commander Keen". Also made appearences in the Quake series of PC games.
I'm a dorkfish! He caught me on'a corndawg! I was swimmin' in th'ocean, and I saw that corndawg and said "Whatsa corndawg doing in th'ocean?!"
by lancelot323 June 11, 2007
Top Definition
(noun) Originally derived from a Bill Engvall CD, a dorkfish is a very strange looking fish whoes upper jaw sticks out way farther than his lower jaw. Can be used to describe people when they act as if they were this fish.
Damn, Bufford's a dorkfish.
by Kyle Farris June 28, 2003
A word that means silly, if you are called a dork fish it means you did somehing stupid but n one wants to call you stupid.
Jacob your such a dork fish, your not supposto eat raw fish!
by Darkness_WIthin June 12, 2006
A person with a dorkish personalty. You still love them and there dorkness. A Dorkfish has a few close friends, and loves them all. A Dorkfish is very loyal, and hates a liar. A Dorkfish is somewhat awkward, and hard to get use to.
The Kid everyone says hi to in the hall, but then doesn't make plans with afterschool. Thats a Dorkfish.
by you&mehaveadd January 26, 2011
A person that is dorky, fun to be around; Rickey Postelle. The word was originally came from a comedy routine, preformed by Bill Engvall, about a goofy looking fish.
"Geez your such a dork fish!"
by You know who I am Carrot Cake February 02, 2008
1)Normally used as a code for someone you have feelings for. 2)Sometimes it's what people call a fish who's lower jaw sticks out
1)wow, did you see dorkfish today?
2) that was such a dorkfish
by Appleisthenewpear February 05, 2015
A not-so-famous individual who exclaims the quote, "Now, you know I like them corndogs!"
I'm a not so famous individual! Now, you know I like them corn-dogs!
by NinjaChica February 16, 2005
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