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A dorker is someone who is a dork to such an extent that they are often times considered stupid, lame or even dumb. Someone who is a dorker has little to no friends, but often tries to blend in with a crowd. Dorkers are usually people who just feel out of place in the world, but are loved or admired by atleast one or two people.
Did you see that dorker over there? He's so annoying.
by Raphide (Ben) September 22, 2003
The prefered brand of pants worn by mid management Dorky types. Although Fashionably out of date, the pleated varity seems to be the pant style of choice. These pants are also coordinated with a some sort of crappy golf course polo type shirt and a cell phone on the belt.
Hey man are those Dorkers you're wearing?
by joe gielniak March 19, 2007
A dorker is a bowel movement. Equivalent to the word poo or poop.

"I have to take a dorker."
by adam myers July 27, 2006
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