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An insult usually used playfully in a flirty nature.
Sexy guy, you're a dorkbutt!
by Angela June 22, 2004

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Some one who is acting like a dork but also being a pain in the butt
joe is such a dork butt
by Shorty kitty February 23, 2009
Someone who is a dork butt is someone who enjoys a penis in his ass.
John is such a dork butt.
by Diane U November 19, 2007
sam is a perfect example of this. it is a guy who is always bein a dork but in a really cute and KOOL way and u just love him for it.
Sam: i so am gonna go play with muh tonails when i get off here
Laura: ur such a dorkbutt sam
Sam: i know dont u just love it?
Laura: yea ur muh dorkbutt. thats soo kool.
by Larlaw January 05, 2005