your boo, or your girl
goodnight doonie. or, son that's my doonie is sexxxy.
by J.BooGiE September 25, 2007
Top Definition
(aka vagina) a moist, warm house for the penis.
get your doonie out
by Booya Gumski June 16, 2004
a small, smokable joint made out of a hollow piece of dune grass. Though not proven, many swear you can catch a buzz off a few doonies.
pass the doonie, dude.
by looooovesit August 16, 2007
a racial slur against Indians (not native americans); it is used to describe Indians like nigger would describe black people.
Ankur, being the doonie that he is, built his own computer.
by Gannon G. August 10, 2006
a pair of hooters; boobies
Yo, man, check out them doonies! Those babies be bulgin!
by big c February 17, 2005

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