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A fan of the Doom Metal subgenre. This includes bands like Candlemass, Paradise Lost, November's Doom, and more recently, Esoteric and Sunn O))).
That Candlemass concert has tons of doomsters at it.
by Adam Kohrman April 15, 2007
40 3
A highly unoriginal individual who is obsessed with doom, gore, zombies, demons, and cheesy, wanna-be death metal. The word is a mix between the terms "doom" and "scenester".

A doomster can be found at local show, possibly in a band, flexing his hand in the shape of a "doom claw", and making squealing pig noises, which his favorite bands use superfluously. A doomster is easily recognized by their teased, "tsunami", "flock of seagulls" haircut, illegible band merchandise, blocky skater shoes, and sprayed-on-too-tight jeans. Doomsters are usually of low intelligence, and will often use words like "Brutal", "core", "doom", and "sick" in lieu of actually talking. Doomsters also on occasion overuse "x"s in their writing, despite the fact that they aren't a part of the "straight edge" movement.
"Dude, What the fuck is that thing over there?"
"Oh, that? That's a doomster."
"Whatever the fuck it is, it'd better stop posing and making pig noises on my lawn, or change pants, because I'm this close to calling the cops."
"No dude, just play The Dave Matthews band over your stereo. It'll leave."
by Rudy Schultz March 27, 2008
11 62