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1. A jovial way to define the act of anal sex.
2. A derogatory refference to a person who gives or receives anal sex.
3. A male homosexual.
4. An unwilling participant in anal sex.
5. A term used for a regular victim of anal sex in prison.

1. Lol, I bet those guys give eachother dookieluv. or You just got dookieluved, didn't you?
2. Dookieluv, you just nasty cuz you mess with dat booty.
3. The gaybar was full of dookieluvers. or
Can I call you a homosexual, or do you prefer dookieluv?
4. Better give up dat booty or I'll make you my little dookieluver. or Oh girlfriend, don't be his dookieluv if that is not what you want to do.
5. After he was done making his cellmate have anal sex, he asked, "How did you like that dookieluv?"
by ronkon September 05, 2007
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