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1.A phrase yelled on a fast-break in basketball used to call attention to creativity exhibited before a slam dunk. To "shit-on" opponents with originality and flare.

2.Calling attention to aerial originality and finesse.

*Can also be applied to skateboarding, skydiving, snowboarding, diving and other aerial sports as well as fighting video games that allow air juggles.

Moe ~ "Yo, did you see Vince Carter on the allstar game last night?"

Mack ~ "No doubt, kid. Vince got mad dookie scripts."


Al ~ "You can't see me in Tekken 5...I use Heihachi and y'know he's strong!"

Doug ~ "Nah, I'm dookie-script lord with Nina. One uppercut and its over, son."
by Haloed Griot March 23, 2005
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