a clueless person, most always lacking even the most basic social skills. a doofus often thinks they are a bit smarter then everyone else.
when a doofus makes silly comments at the dinner table and everyone rolls their eyes they think everyone got something in their eye at the same time.

A doofus views defeating a 6 year old at a game of tic tac toe
as an accomplishment to be bragged about.
A doofus does not understand why you are not fairly impressed by this.
by thederby October 02, 2012
Democrats Obeying Obama For Universal Socialism (DOOFUS)
Support Prez. Obama! Be a DOOFUS!
by Boatrocker March 25, 2010
goofy, used in a teasing manner.
Hey doofus! Stop being silly and get over here!
by Neurotic Newman March 11, 2009
Someone without a clue as to what is going on and/or generally has bad reflexes.

May occasionally do something stupid by accident (tripping, falling, etc.)
That doofus over there just walked into a stop sign!
by HiPeople March 22, 2010
Someone who's too dumb to know the difference between the word "doofus" and "dufass," then attempts to backpedal by lying about "dufass" being an actual word.
Honestone insists that "dufass" is a word, which is exactly why he's a doofus.
by Honestone August 09, 2015
Idiot, doesn't know what the hell is going on.
Max Rogers, Keith Carr, Amanda Meek, Alana Oliver, Kameron Bacon and a whole lot more peoplez i know are all doofuses
by Classy Angel September 03, 2012
The pinnacle of being a blonde; a girl with no clue; oftentimes nieve (though sometimes in an endearing way); a person who likes bad basketball teams, any girl named Katie.
That girl just dyed her hair blonde, as if we didn't already know she's a doofus.

She just picked UNC to win at basketball, she must be a doofus.

Yep, her name's Katie...she must be a doofus.
by theman85004 January 07, 2007

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