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a doof-doofer is a guy aged roughly early to mid 20s who is obsessed with their car/s.
their top priority is their car/s, their girl/s (see also: bitch, woman, wench) come second.
their car/s, and any subsequent activities such as polishing, updating and racing their car/s will generally take up more time than anything else in their lives.
doof-doofers can generally be seen hanging around petrol stations in the city late at night accompanied by a possible hundred other peers and their cars, racing each other around the city with their full-sick-subwoofers blaring.
the name originates from the sound of their car as it whizzes past, either full of bass (doof, doof, doof) or techno beats (nns, nns, nns)
girl: hey mom i met this really nice guy, he has a super car and we're going for a drive ok?
mom: i don't want any doof-doofers in this family!!

girl1: so whats your new boyfriend like?
girl2: oh you know, he's a bit of a doof-doofer
girl1: ohhhhh...
by shmal November 07, 2005
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