Food backwards.
Damn, let's go get some doof.
by Tong February 18, 2003
another word to use as an explicit word. substitutes for the f word.
"i wanna doof you" " your sister is so doofing hot"

Jeremy: what was for hw?
Jaime: the project thats like super important.
Jeremy: DOOF!
by riot shield smash November 23, 2009
doof is bumcrap
It smells like doof in here.

You look like absolute doof.
by rheb October 24, 2009
Short for Doofus, sometimes used for silly.
Joseph is a doof, but he is a silly cute boy.
by Nicole27 February 22, 2007
when you choke,you doof it
your going for the game winning 3 and you doof it
by chris pigott September 16, 2007
Northern Scottish Slang for Condom.
Ah Yeh bas ma doof's burst. Better tell yer ma ye fell on it.
by Duthart May 23, 2007
A person who tries to pick up girls by ice skating and using bad 90's slang
me:"dude did you hear what that doof said?"


me: "he said "she was totally mackin on me man!""
by Sl!mbo January 08, 2008

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