Food backwards.
Damn, let's go get some doof.
by Tong February 18, 2003
1. To satisfy a person sexually;
2. To strike someone with a blunt object
1. I'm going to doof her all night long.
2. If you don't shut up I'm going to doof you over the head.
by Cheddrpeppr May 13, 2010
Name of love given to a boy when he willingly screws up repeatedly, to signify that he is being stubborn but his father still loves him.
"Hey Doof, how about next time we don't take our $75 Buzz Lightyear in the bath tub?"
by Wordyman February 06, 2010
The act of drinking on the roof
The burly men climbed out the window to doof.
by BurlyBear April 25, 2011
Penis flatulence. Like a "queef", air enters the shaft of the penis and is trapped until being forced out causing a pocket of air to be released.
I doofed in my girl friends mouth when she was giving me head.
by Axderka December 03, 2010
Doof means "DFS" which stands for Dragonfire Shield. If you did not understand it the first time you saw it, be ashamed.
Omgitsscotty: Buying doofs 17m in the GE! |I R Danni: Yo dude, what's a "doofs".. Please explain man I'm really confuzzled :S
by scott9_1 April 07, 2009
a wack kid ,clumsy kid
doofus,Big doof from uptown u.c nj,
by Fyb36 January 22, 2009
A person who has made a stupid action. Short for Doofus.
Alex Pfeiffer just dropped his phone on the toilet, what a doof.
by Thomas Gaff August 14, 2007

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