"doodoocaca" is a flash movie by Bob Orilee that depicts nonsensical lyrics (doodoocacapeepee)along side disturbing images, some that are racist in nature (one part depicting Martin Luther King and the KKK), pictures of Hitler, children with down syndrome, and even an early mug shot of Larry King.

The origin of the audio comes from the movie, "Bruce Almighty" where the news anchor is being controlled to spout gibberish on camera. After watching the flash movie and then the original film, it's clear that the flash audio is an edited and sped up version which is incorporated into the video.
Doodoocaca Doodoocaca Doodoocaca Peepee
Doodoocaca Doodoocaca Doodoocaca Poopoo.
by malignantpoodle December 29, 2008
Top Definition
Most disturbing flash-movie ever
Made by Bob Orilee
doodoocacadoodoocacadoodoocaca booboo
by Zei January 21, 2004
doodoo caca doodooo caca boo boo
i luv t0 boo boo in ur ass
by hALYTYW July 17, 2004
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