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Most disturbing flash-movie ever
Made by Bob Orilee
doodoocacadoodoocacadoodoocaca booboo
by Zei January 21, 2004
A person who defeats you without explainable reason in games (sometimes ones that haven't been placed on the market).
That CS player killed me with a bomb defuser. He is so zeiram.
by Zei March 06, 2003
Something so ridiculous even the thought of lying about the subject is faulty.
When Bill left police on a two-hour car chase down the turnpike, he then convinced himself to ram his brand new car into a large pole going 110MPH. He left without a scratch and all charges were dropped. Now thats billshit!
by Zei March 06, 2003
A horrible attempt to redefine Zelda's legacy on a system which only survived from its release of Golden-eye, was surpassed by its 16-bit predecessor, "A Link to the Past".
That game was so bad, its Zelda 64
by Zei May 06, 2005
A place were your money is worth 30% of its real value.
This soda is five dollars? What is this a regal?
by Zei March 06, 2003

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