an alternate way of saying doodie or poop. a funny t-shirt store
"shut your mouth before I doodey in it"
"shake your doodey maker"

by marcdoodey January 21, 2009
Top Definition
someone who does it really hard

Everything jamie does is so doodey
jamie is such a doodey
by tha boss March 02, 2007
A git, a fool, an individual not able to drink more than 3 beers at a time without falling over.

Chaucer (Misc.) "It is ye yeh doodey that hath drunk much and shat yourself..."
One who trades DCDs, one who trades makes poor products in structured products.
by Doodey E July 30, 2004
Doodey is a phrase which is utterly stupid/conveys total ignorance/makes you sound really thick.
Thats a doodey jacket your wearing.
by Chris Lanyon October 02, 2003
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