The proper way of saying dude, because the other one means like an ingrown ass hair or something, I think its cute either way.
what up dood!
by Super Maida July 27, 2003
dood means "big" and u can also use "dooder" which means small.. then "undood" which means big.. note the opposites.. (pretend this is a copyright sign) @DOOD justin and thea
1)man thats a dood cat
2)man thats a dooder mouse
3)holy shit man thats a undood whale
by justin February 01, 2004
symbolizes an whale penius.
Look at that whale's penius!
by Einewton January 07, 2005
I think Stevie Smith is the originator of this word so we should ask her for the definition (well, we should have asked prior to 1971). It has been suggested that the word is an amalgam of the words 'dead' and 'good.' If the word is a synthesis of these two concepts then 'dood' is a word of meta-reality as it brings in both states of being
Stevie Smith's poem "Our Bog is Dood
by davidjt January 14, 2004
An overgrown butt hair.
Holy shit! That dood is like 4 feet long!
by Jimbob Buel November 03, 2005
The way stupid people spell Dude.
Dude *nod*
by Laughing Iguana12 August 26, 2006
Idiotic "stoner way" to say dude. Or when one says it with the 'O's slurred.
"Dood, that's some tight crap."
by Z5 May 13, 2003

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