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1. noun : a person, who usually is a tourist, who absolutely cannot drive a boat or water craft.

2. Another word for the term "nerd" or "geek" or any kind of socially awkward person.

3. a tourist

4. adj. dooby

**Can be abrevated by the term: Doob
1. "did you see that doobner on the jetski?"

"yeah, he was coming straight at us, i though we'd get hit."

2. "Oh wow. get a load of that doob! He even has hero scape action figures!"

3. "this town is so packed with doobners, there is no parking! I mean just look at these idiots... where the hell did they learn to drive!?"

4. "what do you think of that guy?"

"he seems pretty dooby."
by TheHavenRaven September 08, 2009
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