It is the same thing as a fudgepacker just differnet.
Jim: Hey Rick look at that Donutpusher over there.
Rick: Ahaha ya he is a Donutpusher.
by Andrew Bull April 06, 2005
Top Definition
A person who is the "giver" during anal sex... In other words the pitcher, not the catcher.
Look at that donut pusher wearing skinny jeans.
by Black Spartan June 03, 2009
A man that puts his penis into another mans bum hole.
Son: daddy daddy why is that man putting his penis into the other mans bum?

Dad: cause hes a donut pusher son

Son: Daddy daddy can I be a donut pusher when I grow up?

Dad: no son hum Balls are much better

by Sir Nathan White February 19, 2009
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