A prank where a male slides his penis through the hole in a donut, then runs around his office asking if anyone wants a bite of his donut.
SALLY: I wonder where Bob is?
TOM: I think he went in the kitchen.
BOB: Does anyone want a bite of my donut?
SALLY: Oh, Bob, you're such a cutie.
TOM: I can't believe I fell for the old "Donut Fucker"
by To- dawg October 04, 2006
Top Definition
police officer
Hey, you better slow down; there's a donut fucker parked behind that billboard.
by Tommy Ticketmaster March 02, 2009
An insult used to describe someone who's wasting your time, synonymous with 'wanker'. Good term to describe asshole police officers.
"I hate it when telemarketers keep on bothering us with their bullshit. fucking donut fuckers"

by asshole12345671 October 31, 2008
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