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A legendary bearded student at Lawrence Technological University. Donutboy is renowned for his wit, strength, humor, and wealth. Students can often catch a glimpse of Donutboy driving around in his new BMW M5, at the library where he frequently studies, or at on campus gym where he is known for benching over 400lbs. Some folks go so far as to say that, “Donutboy is the Hercules of today."
Guy 1: Dude who was that bearded dude at Sky Bar the other tonight with all those babes.
Guy 2: Dude it must have been Donutboy
by An Hero June 14, 2008
a nickname for an ignorant person / moron / anyone lacking common sense
comes from the Incubus song "Azwethinkweiz"
Person #1: The guy put his hand on the stove without even realizing it was on.
Person #2: Damn donut boy....
by Anonymous March 10, 2003

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