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a phrase used by concrete company employees to curse without cursing, by using "donkey" as a synonym for "ass."
Those idiotic donkeyholes don't know how to order concrete, much less finish it!
by Todd Winkler August 14, 2006
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Another way for saying asshole, but mpre confusing to others not aware.
Toni: You're the definition of a donkey hole

Tyler: I know :P
Person 3: What's a donkey hole?
Toni and Tyler: Asshole. Donkey meaning ass. Hole meaning hole.
by go123ty January 31, 2015
stick it up her donkey hole
by rain666 October 18, 2010
A "polite" substitution for the word asshole.
He's a real donkeyhole.
by Blarg Bilowsky July 14, 2005

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