To Joe Quesada.
Joe Quesada is a donkey fucker
by Bill Jemas January 27, 2004
Top Definition
One who inserts his penis in a donkey anally or viginally. Also sucks on donkey balls as a form of foreplay.
Misterjla is a donkeyfucker.
Whomod is a donkeyfucker.
by Sylvester Stallone March 31, 2004
One who has sexual relations with members of the Democratic political party.
Monica Lewinsky is a donkey fucker.
by Z-English April 03, 2003
what the racist watt calls the Irish
i think all irish people are donkey fuckers, said the watt in an online guestbook which was traced to his place of work
by watt is a racist June 23, 2004
A donkey fucker is one who fucks donkeys.
Penis: Hey, Vagina, someone did it again. They posted another word without defining it.
Vagina: Yes, Penis, they sure did.
by Douchebag February 08, 2003
Insult that sugests one enjoys intercourse with donkeys. Similar to uncle fucker, mother fucker, finger fucker
"Shut your fucking face... donkey fucker" South Park, The Movie (adapted version)
by Donkeyfuckerian May 09, 2004
A term used to make fun of someone in a insulting manner. usually used in a joking way.
Shut up you donkeyfucker
by molly December 31, 2003
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