Black people call Chevy Impalas Donks. Donks are bought mostly by black people nowadays...mainly by drug dealers or rappers. Donks usually have ugly bright "candy" paint that you can apparently eat...yes I would love to see someone try that. They usually gut the interior only to put stupid Coach or Gucci fabrics...usually fake. They replace the regular dash with a digital it looks like a spaceship cockpit. Then they put a ridiculous sound system because they want the whole world to hear them play their cuh-rap (as if they're not loud enough). The worst part of it all is that they put on huge ass rims on them. They look so stupid like monster trucks. They're so focused on "shining" that they forget to invest in proper suspension and braking...eventually being wrecked as they couldn't stop in time and rammed someone.
Donks are being turned into American Rice Crap thanks to the idiots who purchase them.

by sgdfgs December 02, 2006
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a very round, attractive ghetto syle booty

derivation: shortened form or badonkadonk
damn, i wanna hit that fine donk.
by chonkanddonk December 08, 2004
Any POS late 80's or early 90's American heap (preferably an Impala) that has large enough wheels installed until it resembles (and rides and handles like) a Conestoga wagon. This is done so it sits up high enough so as to be at the same eye level as the Playas with real juice ridin in their Escalades. Adding in a bad candy paint job and Wal-Mart sub box completes the transformation.
With no money left over for necessary suspension and brake upgrades, the lifespan is limited to a few drug runs or the first Police chase, whichever occurs first.
That donk is fly and ridin high.
by kinann April 08, 2007
When a girl got a big butt on her
"Yo that shawty over there gotta donk on her"
by MISS TO YOU January 20, 2008
1. (adj.) unintentional mispronunciation of the word "drunk" (when used as an adjective, inappropriate for usage as a verb), normally because the inebriated person is unable to correctly pronounce the appropriate word

2. (adj.) intentional mispronunciation of the word "drunk" when used as an adjective because the person saying it, usually a bum, thinks it is humorous
1. As I stumbled into the backseat, I reached for another Milwaukee's Best and said to Roof, "Shi-att, Bainz is so donk!"

2. When I walked through the Pender dancehall doors, Swain greeted me and said, "Man, Lode brought his bottle o' Old Man tonight; he's gonna be so donk."
by P'tainz January 23, 2013
A female with a large butt.
Damn you see her? She got a donk!
by Michael Howard February 06, 2008
New piece of shit song made by soulja boy where all he says is 'she got a donk'.

she got a donk(x50)
by Poison Slang July 15, 2008
classics and larger cars , mostly domestic, lifted and fitted with 20" wheels or greater.Most with bold candy paint and designer inspired "patterned" interiors. Popular in southern states and rap videos ,or with people with to much money and a old car
yo check out my donks ridin 28's yo.
by ev1lbry4n September 16, 2006
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