A euphemism often used by Negro Americans, typically a command insinuating that if the individual in question does not desist with their current forward mannerisms they will incur a so called "bitch slapping," a most unpleasant experience.
Don't trip or I'll moonwalk up all up and down yo ass.
by Timmay November 28, 2003
Top Definition
do not worry about it. In other words forget about.
Dont't even trip dawg.

If a person fucks your car up you tell him don't even trip.
by Cesar Valles August 23, 2004
Stop worrying about it, or STOP asking.
When someone doesn't want you to know what they are talking about.
Aka if someone says it to you, stop being annoying.
Jose: damnn, dude you'll never guess what happend last night homez!

Pancho: Damn What happend bro?

Jose: *Tells Pancho what happend.

Random Person: Damn jose what happend?

Jose: Damn nigga, Dont Trip, stop bein nosyy shitttt.

Random Person: Fine.. :|
by mv7_db9 February 11, 2009
Stop your worrying. (Commonly used on the West Coast)
Guy One: Aye bluhd, when mah momma finds out that we was gettin' high in tha house she gon beat mah ass!

Guy Two: Breh, don't trip, we gon be done before she comes home.

Guy One: Oh aiight, coo'.
by calif0rnialove January 05, 2009
Stop Sketching.... or dont worry....
yo dog don trippppp.........
by JeReMy Aka. BeAr November 27, 2003
this phrase means don't worry about it; stay out of it; it doesn't concern you.
There was a big fight in school. Students sre speaking about the event. The teacher asks one of the students what had happened. the student replies, "don't trip".
by C.calderon November 12, 2009
Associated with Hating.
Male: Does Female 2 like me?
Female 1: Don't Trip
Female 1: lol I'll stop hating yes she does
by ToxicOpera June 04, 2010
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