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Nickname for the popular pizza chain, Dominos.
Friend: Man, i'm really hungry but i don't wanna cook.

Me: Dommies?
by stillnappyBOI February 05, 2012
A stupid idiot.
"Have you seen our shitty friend Brandon, lately?"

"No. He's a dommy."
by dommy June 07, 2014
1. The name of the robot puppet bad guy in the Christmas special, Jack Frost.

2. The person in a 3-person game of Catchphrase who must guess words from definitions provided by the other two players.

3. A third wheel in a party meant for two.
(2) As an only child, I always had to be the dommy when my parents wanted to play Catchprase.

(3) He always feels like a dommy when he crashes his best friend's date night.
by kdoc January 03, 2006
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