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A slug to the dome - a bullet shot into a human head
I bust lyrical caps to emcee craniums like a domeslug, so don't front like you got Harmony, Cuz - you ain't Bone Thug
by domeslug December 09, 2003
Playa nickname give to a DJ at Burning Man because of his tendency to rarely leave the confines of a 50 ft. refrigerated semi located in a camp called Antarctica within the region of Disturbia.
Is Domeslug spinning in Antarctica?
by domeslug December 11, 2003
Nickname given to those who live and work in the central Dome at the south polar station in Antarctica. Slang term used to describe many people on the winter staff who never venture outside of the Dome.
I was a dome slug this weekend. I didn't do a damn thing but stay at home.
by domeslug December 11, 2003
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