A graduate of the New York Maritime College at Fort Schuyler. Named for the old dome observatory atop the eastern bastion of Fort Schuyler, one of the first things one can see upon arriving back home from Summer Sea Term.
"every september at homecoming, all the domers come back to Fort Schuyler for a reunion."
by Nick234 April 24, 2007
Top Definition
Student at the great University of Notre Dame
Wow, I can't wait to give that domer a domer.
by Mack September 13, 2003
An assortment of pharmaceutical/perscription drugs. Usually pain killers.
"I got really faded off those domers"
by barmeezee April 07, 2008
A girl who loves to give dome or gives dome a lot. Usually a slut, or just insecure and not attractive.
Person 1: did you hear what morgan did the other night
Person 2: Oh you mean domers? I heard. Shes got to stop giving so much dome!
by mosum949 February 08, 2010
the girl that gives great head to all the homies.. but isnt a slut
person 1:"dammmmn domer domed me up last night.. it was the shit.."
person 2:"no shit? me too"
Random Person: "thats the OKC"
by E&C OKC October 28, 2006
To recieve oral sex

the word was Invented by a group of teenagers from san jose called the tomcats.
I Beat em up, then she gave me domers
by James Mitchel April 19, 2004
synonyms - blowjob, session
A noun describing the whole act of having your penis sucked on
She gave mad domers
by Simon March 18, 2003
a group of fair to good looking women who give oral sex more than the average woman
"Damn, look at those girls"
"They look like domers to me!"
by SPxCA May 20, 2008

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