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What you say when you want a girl to give you head.

Also it can be a dis to somebody
"you know what time it is........... Dome Time!!"

"Dome Time fag"
by ARGS January 28, 2006
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the approximate time during which, by any means necessary, dome is given and received by all who partake in it. 'Dome Time' usually lasts about 2-3 hours, but can be any amount of time needed to complete the mission (ie, giving a lot of dome). Thus, 'Dome Time,' or DT, can be very quick or (as some northern Europeans have noted) very long, lasting up to 4 years.

To initiate a DT, anyone can simply inquire, "What time is it?" To which, someone may ultimately respond after a long period of unnecessary foreplay, "It's Dome Time!!"

Then it commences.
by Dome Timer July 27, 2006
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