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A slang term for the penis.
The doinkle is only found on males.
by Robert67 June 24, 2006
Used to describe the male member, aka "penis"

Currently thought to be coined on a game board after "HybridX101" (me) became fed up with a users complex name and simply called him "shpadoinkleboy"

afterwards "doinkle" had been used to describe an unknown part of the body until "ekykens" another poster and part-time rival of "Hybrid" drew the first doinkle looking oddly like a penis, thus the "Doinkle" was reborn.
"I'll cut off your doinkle and put it on my wall!"
by HybridX101 July 27, 2005
A noun, another name for the male genital. Thought-up by Ekykens on the General Any Topic. He pointed out that another posters name who was called "Shpadoinkle" had "doinkle" in his name, which sounded like another word for the male genital.
Ekykens took Shpadoinkle's doinkle in great rage!
by Ekykens December 03, 2005
Another word for the male genital. First appeared on in the General Any Topic form on the Star Wars Galaxies website. A poster named Ekykens pointed out that a user with the nickname
"Shpadoinkle" had the word in it and that it sounded like something else.
Ekykens takes Shpadoinkle's doinkle.
by Ekykens November 22, 2005

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