1. pooing at parties

2. shouting at old ladies

(1 so called because it's as warm and smelly as a hot pile of ash)
(2 so called because of the noise old ladies gums make when they choke on their mushed swede in shock at being accosted in such a fashion)
dude, that guy's been in the bathroom for ages
must be doing an ash

you're such an ash, man
by man in a van with a plan October 20, 2010
Top Definition
Stealing, cheating,crashing on bikes, lying, asking for bowls of cereal upon entering someone's house and trying it on with girls that have boyfriends...
Example 1 of Doing an Ash

Bob: Hey Olly can I meet your girlfriend uptown today?

Olly: No stop being an Ash!

Example 2

Bob: Hey olly can have a bowl of cereal ?, and oh btw I met your girlfriend uptown even though I said I wouldn't.

Olly: :|

Mike: Man Bob jus properly triple Ash'd you there!
by wahgwanology May 15, 2009
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