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an exclamation, related to "duh"
No shit!
by Anonymous January 27, 2003
An 80's term, relative to the phrase "no sh*t" also refering to a dunce or someone who is very stupid. the word "no" is usually added as no doi!
Johnny's station wagon is cool.
No Doi you tard.

Is Johnny's wagon retro? Doi of course it is, you frigg'n idiot!
by rtreverend May 31, 2009
Something you say when doing something retarded.
Tom:Hey, wanna see somethin' cool?
Josh:*sigh* Whatever...
Tom:*walks up wall* Doi!
Josh:Why do I hang out with you?
by CompletelyRetarded June 27, 2010
Doi; (dōy); n

a small version of a doider. A reference to the abdomen or stomach, regardless of size up to a certain point where the doi then becomes a doider.

Also an adequate alternative for: dude, guy, grub
"those lawn doi's cut grass pro nuff."

"she's cute, but she's got a bit of a doi on her."
by Dirty danchez June 29, 2009
like saying duh except kewler.
"Did you know that Kacey is going out with Anthony"

by guitar chick September 29, 2008
Means to Die On Impact.. mainly stating to jump of a building or bridge and dying on the impact caused by it.
Chris: yeahh yo you think your so cool diaf.

James: iight man D.O.I

by SPICITFENCE March 24, 2009
The essence of everything. Random. To agree to something. A state of mind when a person is just sitting, thinking of nothing, but at the same time everything.
"Alex is in his doi"

"Ooutquwee seems to always be so doi."

Nick: "man, that's so doi"
Scott: "doi."

by The Real Xian December 08, 2008

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