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A somewhat derogitive term used for Mercenaries, or soldiers for hire. Generally describes ex-soldiers and/or combat experts that offer either direct service or military training in exchange for currency.

Such individuals have been employed; as a supplemental force to the U.S. Military in Iraq and Aghanistan, to train Military and Terrorist groups alike, and in some cases to engage in military actions that a country's own military cannot, as was the case in Rwanda.

Such individuals or groups can employ their skills for good(as in Rwanda), or bad(as in training Al Qaeda recruits).
Can't think of an example.
by Justin July 16, 2005
48 6
The weapons of war. As in 'unleash the dogs of war'.
I unleashed the dogs of war on that toilet last night, said Janice curry eater
by Kung-fu Jesus July 06, 2004
10 26